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West Lawrence Tank Coating

West Lawrence Water Co-op
Lawrence County, Alabama

A 2010 inspection of the 1,000,000 gallon elevated steel water tank indicated that a re-coating was needed.  EOS was hired by the West Lawrence Water Co-op to product plans and specifications for upgrading and re-coating the tank. EOS consulted with coating representatives, contractors, and other municipalities to select a high quality, long lasting, and economical coating system.

The exterior of the tank was pressure washed in accordance with SPC-SP12 and coated with epoxy followed by a urethane coating. The existing coating was in suitable condition for the over coating which saved the client a substantial amount. The interior of the tank was in worse condition, requiring that it be sand blasted per SPC-SP10. An additive alternate 100% solids ceramic epoxy coating was selected with a 15 year warranty and a 25+ year life expectancy.